Wadden Sea Day 2019: World Heritage Interpretation


UNESCO Wadden Sea World Heritage Centre, Wilhelmshaven (D)

“Only those who know, understand and appreciate the Wadden Sea can protect this World Heritage site.” This statement was the core of this year’s Wadden Sea Day. About 80 stakeholders from the trilateral Wadden Sea – policy-makers, educators, conservation managers, scientists and non-governmental organizations – explored different approaches to communication with residents and visitors, how to implement new technology and educational approaches, how to activate the public for citizen science and communicate scientific research to the public.

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Presentations made available to the public can be found below:

Session I

> 10:10    Why World Heritage sites need interpretation - Movie showcased at presentation
Carolin Kolhoff, German Commission for UNESCO
> 10:30    Wadden Sea World Heritage Education Strategy
Anja Szczesinski, International Wadden Sea School / WWF Germany
> 10:50    Visitor education now and then – Case studies of the Vadehavscentret and Multimar
Klaus Melbye, Vadehavscentret + Claus von Hoerschelmann, Multimar Wattforum
> 11:10    The future of visitor studies in the Wadden Sea area
Lars Wohlers, KON-TIKI Interpretive Planning, Training and Evaluation

Session II

> 13:20    Beachexplorer App – Visitors become citizen scientists
Rainer Borcherding, Schutzstation Wattenmeer
> 13:40    Reaching out to the youngest - Junior Rangers
Stefanie Lenz, National Park Authority Wadden Sea Lower Saxony, + Silke Ahlborn, National Park Authority Wadden Sea Schleswig-Holstein
> 14:00    Example of interdisciplinary approaches to understanding the Wadden Sea
Klaus Melbye, Vadehavscentret
> 14:30    Interactive: Example of interactive knowledge transfer exercises - Wadden Sea Flyway Initiative
Tim Dodman, WSFI