Lower Saxony and Hamburg/Neuwerk

Imagine a place where sand, sea and salty breezes combine with a dash of history – and that’s what you can expect to discover in this part of the Wadden Sea World Heritage.

In the region between Emden and Otterndorf black pied 'Eulalias', as the cattle here are called, graze peacefully on vast marshlands. Romantic fishing villages, harbour towns and beaches nestled behind the dike define this part of the coast. The picturesque coastal strip also serves as the gateway to the Lower Saxon and Hamburg Wadden Sea National Park.

Situated just three to ten kilometres off the coast are the seven East Frisian Islands lined up like pearls on a string, forming a natural coastal protection. Escape to this idyllic paradise and experience these unique islands, each with their own distinct identity and tradition.

Or visit the island Neuwerk just outside of Cuxhaven, with its rich history. The island even used to serve as a hideout for pirates. The sand flats and mudflats as well as the salt marshes around Neuwerk are intact natural landscapes of the Hamburg Wadden Sea World Heritage Site.

You will discover villages built on artificial mounds, houses enclosed by dikes and a rich Frisian culture. Spend quality time in quaint museums, teahouses and ancient castles – evidence of an unrivalled cultural diversity that keeps Frisian culture and traditions alive.